made with love in the cook islands
made with love in the cook islands
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Our Story
A Labour of Love

In the 1970’s in Rarotonga, a little girl sat with her grandmother as she created magic. Grandma Moari grated raw coconut flesh, mixed with local flowers Tiare and Frangipani, and left the fragrant mixture to bake in the sun.

The little girl watched, as like magic, a liquid clear oil would slowly melt out of the coconut flower mixture.

The little girl, Susan Tuoro, grew up knowing that carefully extracting essential oils from Cook Islands nuts and flowers held the secret to beautiful skin and hair.

In 2007 Susan and her husband Robert began to produce their skincare range and coconut oil at their home in Rarotonga. To this day they continue to extract the purest Tamanu Oil and Coconut Oil from the centuries-old method of grating, drying and cold-pressing using a heavy manual press. It is a labour of love that began as an idea decades ago from the knowledge of Grandma Moari.

“Small batch production is an integral part of
our mission to provide sustainable and
natural skincare of the freshest
and highest quality”